Silpoura Clip On Spout

never pour cooking oil or grease down the sink!


Silpoura clip on spout is a patented new product that was specifically engineered to facilitate the proper disposal of Fat, Oil, and Grease.
Made of high temperature food grade silicone, Silpoura is dishwasher safe.


For draining and pouring cooking fat, grease and oil....

Important Facts

  • Cooking grease coats pipes similar to the way it clogs human arteries.
    The grease clings to the inside of the pipelines, causing blockage.
  • Grease-clogged pipes cause costly home plumbing bills & higher taxes related to grease clean out.
  • Grease should NEVER be poured down the drain

five steps to recycling cooking oil

  1. Obtain a sealable plastic container.

  2. Label the container "cooking oil for recycling".

  3. Using your Silpoura clip-on spout, pour used cooking oil/grease into container. Place in a safe place.

  4. Continue to add the oil/grease until container is full.

  5. When full, deliver to your county's collection location so it can be recycled in BioDiesel. Encourage your city manager to have this type of program. Otherwise, dispose of your cooking oil and your container in the trash.


Interesting Facts

It's estimated that 544,000 gallons of grease slip down Seattle's drains each month, enough to fill seven large swimming pools.
Most of it comes from dirty dishes and food waste, and it's a problem.
(seattlepi web site - January 2010)

Used cooking oils are a serious problem for San Francisco's sewers, clogging the pipes and costing us all a lot of money--
over $3.5 million each year to unclog the pipes.
(San Francisco Public Utilities Commission web site - February 2011)

Grease causes frequent blockages in sewer pipes resulting in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).
An SSO is when untreated sewage is released into the environment before reaching the wastewater treatment plant.
Grease related SSOs have been increasing over the years due to discharges of FOG by Dallas residents and businesses.
(Dallas City Hall web site - February 2011)

Communities spend millions of dollars every year unplugging or replacing grease-
blocked pipes, repairing pump stations, and cleaning up costly and illegal wastewater spills.
(City of Irving TX web site - November 2010)

The City of Raleigh's Sewer Use Ordinance requires that restaurants should install and maintain grease traps and/or interceptors to prevent grease from entering the sewer system. However, there are many more residential kitchens than there are restaurants in Raleigh.
By reducing the amount of fats, oils and grease that enter the sewer system from homes,
you can help to protect the environment by preventing sewer back-ups and overflows.
(Raleigh North Carolina web site - October 2009)

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